David Maher

David Charles Maher, was an English drummer and composer.  based in Florence, Italy.

David Maher played drums in all the tracks of Slinky Vagabond album "King Boy Vandals", out May 6th 2021.

He shocked the British audience when, at just twelve years old, as BBC Radio One reported during an interview, he excellently replaced his father, drummer, in the live country rock performances of the moment , working with bands such as The Hillsiders, Kenny Johnson, Joe Butler, Bob McKinlay among many others in the Country Rock genre.  Collaborations and session work on Australian, British and Italian projects followed, including Aleandro Baldi and Monica Anderson among many other Italian and world-renowned artists.  David stands out for his simple, impeccable and passionate style.

He unfortunately passed away in 2021 before the release of the album.