The new live acoustic version of "The Beauty in You"

The new live acoustic version of “The Beauty in You” was recorded during the pandemic.

Fabio Fabbri, guitarist, composer and producer of Slinky Vagabond recorded at his  Wolfmount Home Studio. Keanan Duffty, singer and songwriter of the band, recorded in New York City. 

This  new  live acoustic version of the "The  Beauty in You",  is different from the track  that  is included in the album "King Boy Vandals" (click here to listen to), that is the new Slinky Vagabond album  released May 6th 2021.

While the origional version of the acoustic version of "The Beauty in You" features Dave Formula and Tony Bowers,  "This live acoustic version  is stripped down to its rawest elements – a simple acoustic guitar played by Fabbri and the gentle, almost angelic vocals of Duffty. Because the two band members are on other sides of the globe under lockdown – Duffty in New York and Fabbri in Italy – the video was recorded via Zoom."   (Matt Matasci, Mxdwn Premiere, May, 11th 2021).

“The live acoustic recording of our single “The Beauty in You” was conceived and edited by Fausto Fabbri. We wanted to capture a live, intimate stripped-down performance and since Fabio is in lockdown in Italy and I am in New York, we recorded it using Zoom,” said Duffty. “Fabio recorded his part in his Wolf Mountain Studio and I recorded mine in my apartment. Fausto spent about a week editing the performances and the song really lends itself to this spacious, simple ‘less is more’ approach. This modality, using Zoom is truly the result of the circumstances we all find ourselves in.”

The music of "The Beauty in You" is written by Fabio Fabbri, the lyrics by Keanan Duffty.

About the song, Keanan Duffty said that he was inspired by "Finding beauty in decay. All those living ghost towns and abandoned zombie malls that litter the urban landscape. Derelict places like The Salton Sea in Southern California’s Coachella Valley. "






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