"To Cut a Long Story Short"|The Spandau Ballet cover version

"To Cut a Long Story Short", this Spandau Ballet  cover version,  was the first step towards the new Slinky Vagabond project. 
After their first encounter at Polimoda International Fashion School, for Keanan Duffty and Fabio Fabbri , to make the cover version of the Spandau Ballet song "To Cut a Long Story Short"  was a chance to make some music together for the first time.

Fabio Fabbri remembers : "I heard from Keanan again shortly after our first encounter.  His friend Gary Kemp, Spandau Ballet composer and guitarist, gave himthe idea of rearranging the Spandau Ballet song ‘To Cut A Long Story Short’. So Keanan suggested I rearrange the song on an acoustic base.”

Ona hot July afternoon, this Spandau Ballet cover version of "To Cut a Long Story Short" was born. An acoustic guitar, a simple rhythmic sequence, and the voice of Keanan.

At the beginning the arrangement should have foreseen the participation of a violinist, to give the cover version something new.But things went differently.

Fabio Fabbri says “ I was looking for a good solowith my acoustic guitar but everything seemed too predictable or banal. At a certain moment I tried to insert a ‘reverse effect’ , that  effectively reversed the guitar execution by making it sound like  a real Tzigano Violin. Keanan loved this execution and we went ahead with arranging and singing the cover versiontrack: it was the first time we had workedtogether but we immediately understood that we enjoyed  playing together without  limits or preconceptions, only making the music we loved.”

In  the end, the result  seemed to be  encouraging because it respected the original structure but  at the same time it sounded new.

When  the Spandau Ballet author Gary Kempl listened to  this cover version of "To Cut a Long Story Short" and tweeted “ Good acoustic version of the Spandau’s To Cut a Long Story Short here sung  by Keanan Duffty”, they thought they had created  something  really good!   IMG 0138

Fabio Fabbri says: “ It was absolutely clearwhen Gary told me that originally, when he composed the song the first time, he  would have arranged it in Flamenco style. But, according to the  ‘80s trend, with the new Romantic style and the use of Synthesizers,the Flamenco arrangement was abandoned. “

This experience encouraged Fabio and Keanan to continue with composing and recording music together.

They spent two years processing what soundedgood to them: a mix of instrumental and electronic sound, where the guitars have an importantrole but, at the same time, are at the service of the track, both in the execution as in the  timbre.

The result is a brand new album with 11 tracks that fully represents theSlinky Vagabond sound.

Along the way they met important musicians who have very much enjoyed playing their instruments with Slinky Vagabond 

Fabio and Keanan  say “ We are very grateful to them, and we hope that the music we  love is also loved by those who listen to it” 



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