Ma.Ra.Cash.Records interviews Slinky Vagabond


Ma.Ra.Cash Records interviews Slinky Vagabond.

A new interview by Monica Franzon and Gabriele Boati from Ma.Ra.Cash Records the label that distributes "King Boy Vandals", the band 's latest album.

Fabio Fabbri and Keanan Duffty are asked about who they are, where the name Slinky Vagabond comes from, how they got in touch with the illustrious line up of artists who participated in the album...and much more!!

Fausto Fabbri helped with the translations and is the producer and director of the videos that were shown during the interview.



A new review for King Boy Vandals in Northern Echo

Northern eco

Mick Burgess  wrote this review for the Northern Echo.

Northern Echo is a big regional daily morning newspaper based in the town of Darlington in North East England, serving mainly southern County Durham and northern Yorkshire, which reaches 1.7 million readers. 

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Metal Express Radio

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 He’s made his name as a fashion designer working with the likes of David Bowie but inside every designer there’s a Rock ‘n’ Roller waiting to get out and Keanan Duffty is doing just that with his project, Slinky Vagabond. His latest release, King Boy Vandalsfeatures an array of guests including Richard Fortus (Guns N’ Roses), Martin Turner (Wishbone Ash) and Midge Ure (Rich Kids/Ultravox) drawing on a wide range of influences from Hard Rock, New Wave to Punky Rock ‘n’ Roll. Mick Burgess called him up to chat about the album and how a boy from Doncaster ended up rubbing shoulders with the stars in New York.

You’ve just released a new album, King Boy Vandals. How has the reaction been so far?

We’re really proud of the record and we’ve had some really good reviews and feedback for it. The tough thing though, is promoting it without live shows so that has been a challenge. We have it on vinyl and CD as well as download and streaming and so far so good, people seem to really like it. We just want to get it out and get it heard by as many people as possible. It was great fun to make this record and gave me a sense of focus particularly in this last 18 months. It was something really positive to look at.

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Slinky Vagabond with Keanan Duffty in conversation with David Eastaugh

c86 podcast

Slinky Vagabond with Keanan Duffty in conversation with David Eastaugh

In this podcaast Keanan Duffty, singer of Slinky Vagabond, in conversation with David Eastaugh. talks about "Slade in Flame", "Tommy", Bowie, Punk and more!

"Slinky Vagabond is a concept band that originally formed in 2007 and became an integral part of the New York club scene and performed at celebrations for Joey Ramone’s Birthday Bash alongside the New York Dolls, Fashion Week’s Gen Art and Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp and Marc Bolan’s 30th Anniversary Show alongside Patti Smith, Tom Morello, Joan Jett and Ronnie Spector. They released their album ‘King Boy Vandals’ on December 6, 2021"

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C86 Podcast

Forbes Notable Albums 2021: King Boy Vandals got included!


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Slinky Vagabond

King Boy Vandals

A collaboration between British singer/songwriter Keanan Duffty and Italian musician/producer Fabio Fabbri, Slinky Vagabond's second album is a wonderful throwback to '70s glam, '80s post-punk, and ‘90s electronic-laced alt-rock with a New York-London sensibility (Duffty, who is best known as a fashion designer, lived through those eras with first-hand experience). Featuring a cast of veteran guest players such as Midge Ure, Richard Fortus and Tony Bowers, King Boy Vandals balances both retro and contemporary sounds in the form of rockers (“Prima Donna,” “Old Boy”) and ballads (“The Beauty in You”).

David Chiu - Contributor

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Take Effect Reviews - December 2021

take effect


take effect

 An outfit spearheaded by the fashion designer, author and musician Keanan Duffty and the Italian guitarist, songwriter and producer Fabio Fabbri, King Boy Vandals sees the pair taking help from current and former members of Visage, Magazine, Guns N’ Roses, David Bowie and Simply Red for this often sturdy listen that takes influence from punk and alt-rock.

“Prima Donna” starts the listen with a thick and buzzing display of gritty yet melodic alt-rock that somehow sounds indebted to the ‘90s while also being modern, and “Fear No Evil” follows with a some prog-rock ideas entering the thumping and groove friendly climate that was actually a demo Duffty wrote for Velvet Revolver.

Further along, “Falling Down” is a quieter offering of post-punk like dreaminess amid angular guitar work and a very crisp rhythm section that features Tony Bowers on bass, while “Euphoria” takes a bigger step in prog territory alongside some ‘80s appeal and David Torn’s guitar prowess. “English Country Garden” then certainly points towards the band’s British influences, where Richard Fortus’ hard rock tendencies add much to the energetic landscape.

Deeper yet, “Rocking Into An Explosion” swirls with both grit and tunefulness, as soaring vocals and spirited guitars complement the spacey ideas, and “The Beauty In You” exits the listen with a warm acoustic tune, where a poetic delivery and cozy strumming alongside gentle piano and stirring strings make just as much an impact as the louder tracks.

An album that was primarily recorded live, Duffty and Fabbri certainly know how to navigate a muscular rock tune you won’t soon forget, and the many players and vast influences makes for a listening experience that will be enjoyed by those with interests as wide as David Bowie, The Psychedelic Furs or even Buzzcocks.

Travels well with: The Psychedelic Furs- Made Of Rain; The Milwaukees- The Calling

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